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  • New Education Handouts available!

These education tools are meant for patients and visitors of patients placed on isolation precautions in addition to the MDRO and MRSA educational sheets.  They may be reviewed in any format with the patient.  For example: by reviewing the content online (via a computer on wheels), verbally reviewing the information, or printing the handouts and giving them to the patients for review.

Document use of these teaching sheets on the Patient and Family Teaching Record.

  • New OSHA Videos Provide Proper Respirator Fit and Use Guidance

OSHA has produced two new videos that feature training and guidance on respirator safety.  The "Respiratory Safety" video shows healthcare workers how to correctly put on and take off respirators, such as N95s.  The "Difference Between Respirators and Surgical Masks" video explains the particular uses for each one and how they prevent worker exposure to infectious diseases.  Viewers can watch both English and Spanish versions by visiting the Department of Labor's YouTube site.

Click here for the Department of Labor's YouTube site

Note:  After opening the above link, type “Respiratory Safety” in the search box and press enter.  The video is changed on a monthly basis.



These resources can be viewed or printed using Adobe Acrobat.


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